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Planning a Summer Wedding


Traditionally, late May and early June have been the favored months in which to be wed. However, as weddings become more personalized and distinctive, several brides have opted to choose later summer dates in order to save costs and give their guests one last fling by which to remember the season.

Since August is really not a typical wedding month, several couples are saying “I do” then, because they have found unbelievable specials or deals with the local wedding vendors. Now, most brides that shop in advance know that prices for everything from food to flowers can fluctuate during certain seasons of the year. However, more and more brides are finding that if business is slow, a vendor may be running a “special!”

So if you are one of the lucky ones that discover an unbelievable deal and wish to stage a late summer wedding, here are some factors to consider:

Will your guests be able to travel to your wedding during the last few weeks of August or early September? Most families with school aged kids will find travel during this season to be very difficult because of the many demands facing them at the beginning of the school year.

Will your guests heat to death before you walk down the aisle? The month of August tends to be very hot and humid, especially in the south, and no one wants to be miserable at a friend’s wedding. You also need to think about how you might look and feel, as you do not want to look listless and tired from the heat for your wedding pictures.

What about the bugs? If you are holding an outdoor wedding, you need to think about the bugs that might be out and about during this time of year. Gnats are always bothersome, but some stinging bugs may also put a damper on your special day by annoying you and your guests.

What about the rain? Yes, this is always a concern for an outdoor wedding, but August tends to bring a lot of pop up late afternoon thunderstorms. Also, if you are holding a destination wedding on the coast, you never know when a tropical storm or hurricane may decide to head your way.

We once coordinated a wedding and reception on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia, and had to end the festivities a couple of hours early because a voluntary hurricane evacuation order was given and winds were already causing trouble at the venue. Guests were anxious to get out of the storm’s path and everyone started trying to leave early. The couple wisely decided to go ahead and depart for their honeymoon before any of the storm’s effects could delay their get-away.

So, if you do find a special deal, consider everything we’ve discussed above and then book your venue and your day, but do consider holding a backup date and time with the venue until you can verbally check with close friends and family on their availability. Then if everything looks clear, go ahead with your plans and give yourself and your guests a summer to remember!

Outdoor bridal portraits.

A first look outdoors.

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